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A Day Party For You & Your Little One!

Music is a transformative medium at any age. For babies and toddlers, interacting with music on a consistent basis develops lifelong skills.

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At Trap Baby & Me early childhood development happens a little outside the box— the boombox, that is! Tapping into genres like Trap, R&B, Afrobeats, and Gospel, not only do we utilize music that children can learn to, it’s also music that parents can vibe to.

Listen. Play. Move.

Early Childhood Development

Our brains undergo the most growth during the first 3 years of life! This is a crucial time in setting the foundation for a child's future. Through research-based curricula, classes at Trap Baby & Me are designed to facilitate your child’s growth and development with the assistance of music, nursery rhymes, and movement.


Being the parent of little ones can be quite isolating! It’s tough to maintain a routine and a social life when you have to keep up with feedings, naps, and all the other things that can take over your life. By becoming part of the Trap Baby & Me community, you can set a routine for your family and make in-person connections with other parents who are at a similar stage.


Trap Baby & Me classes utilize music, instruments, and nursery rhymes that represent the diversity of the African Diaspora. By exposing children to these themes at an early age, they are receiving an enriching cultural experience that they might not receive in the standard educational system.


Through Music

"Everything that happened to me as a child involved music. It was part of every day life, as automatic as breathing." – Nina Simone

Music is one of the best tools to facilitate early childhood development. But who says the music has to be the same old, same old?! We believe that children can reach their milestones using music that parents can vibe to as well! Whether it be Old School Hip-Hop, Afrobeats, Soca, Motown, or Trap, everyone will be happy! 

Our Sessions


New Classes Coming Soon!

What To Expect

Our lessons are designed to be a bonding experience for you and your child, and to give you tools and activities that you can do at home. In a typical class, you will dance, sing, engage with nursery rhymes, play instruments, and learn baby sign language. But Trap Baby & Me is anything but typical!

Our classes give you experience that you have to see and do for yourself!

Session Details

Infant Party: Newborn to 15 months

Toddler Party: 16 months to 3 years

Big Kids Party: 3 to 4 years (Coming Soon!)

6-Week Session

Once Per Week

Two Locations*

(Extreme Youth Sports and Orlando Day Nursery)


Full Session






Email us with questions:


My favorite part of the class was seeing how curious my son was to see other children. Oddly, he had never sat up unassisted until the day of class. It’s like he saw other littles doing it, so he decided he should too.

Jeanee B.

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